Cutting away the mistake

and I cut my first mat too! Mom’s painting is finally done. I’ve been struggling with it since Thanksgiving, when she requested it. I love the beach and feel so inspired by it, but I often struggle with trying to paint it. She requested a landscape. Sometimes I think I’m more of a “zoom in”Continue reading “Cutting away the mistake”

Mom’s present has entered the ugly phase. Can it recover?

The picture below is what fear looks like. The pressure is on, as I mentioned in a recent post. I want to add ink, but I’m afraid I’ll ruin the painting. Once the ink is on, it can’t be erased. So I do a couple of practice benches and go for it. Immediately I regretContinue reading “Mom’s present has entered the ugly phase. Can it recover?”

Pressure and Painting

For most of this year, I haven’t put pressure on myself to create “frame-able” pieces. I started the year working in my sketchbook because that really took the pressure off. Eventually, because I was using watercolor, I graduated to nicer paper, but I still approached each piece as playing and having fun – just seeingContinue reading “Pressure and Painting”

Dedicating Time to Painting

I didn’t have much time this past week to work on any of my projects, so I decided I would dedicate Sunday to painting. I don’t often have large chunks of time to be creative, between work, family and home. I don’t think the term “starving artist” came about because there wasn’t time to foodContinue reading “Dedicating Time to Painting”

Revisiting Unfinished Projects

I came across several unfinished projects, while cleaning my office. I have a really hard time getting back into a project that I’ve abandoned. I think I’m afraid of ruining it. I forget where I was, and don’t even know where to start. One such project, is an acrylic version of a bike on the boardwalk.Continue reading “Revisiting Unfinished Projects”

A Bike on the Boardwalk

For a while, I kept meaning to paint a bike leaning on the railing of the boardwalk, with the beach in the background. Then Sandy hit and the boardwalk was destroyed. It is really strange for something that was always there to be gone. Obviously, my painting was of no priority amongst the Sandy damage.Continue reading “A Bike on the Boardwalk”