Mom’s present has entered the ugly phase. Can it recover?


The picture below is what fear looks like. The pressure is on, as I mentioned in a recent post. I want to add ink, but I’m afraid I’ll ruin the painting. Once the ink is on, it can’t be erased. So I do a couple of practice benches and go for it. Immediately I regret it, but I keep working. I continue to add benches. Did I mention I hate working in perspective? The benches look more like Chinese characters, but I keep going. I add ink to the boards of the boardwalk. I was terrified to add the lightpost. It’s too tall – maybe I can use a mat to crop it out and lower it? I add more detail to the benches and they start to look less like Chinese and more like benches.

Where I started from:

Where I am now:
After I soften the water (by wetting the watercolor pencil) I start to think, maybe I can get this to work. I have to keep working at it. Mom’s Christmas present may be a little late! Next steps – add watercolor to the benches and shadows. Add the rail.




5 thoughts on “Mom’s present has entered the ugly phase. Can it recover?

  1. It is looking great, Eileen. Keep pushing yourself and taking those wonderdul risks. It’s paying off. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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