Cutting away the mistake

and I cut my first mat too!
Mom’s painting is finally done. I’ve been struggling with it since Thanksgiving, when she requested it. I love the beach and feel so inspired by it, but I often struggle with trying to paint it. She requested a landscape. Sometimes I think I’m more of a “zoom in” and paint the details type of person. When things are so far back – you can’t even see the details. My attempts at beach paintings often look a little flat and boring. But she asked for it, so what could I say?

I decided this time I’d add ink to the painting and try to incorporate my “still developing” style. I was so nervous to add the first ink marks! You can’t get rid of them or cover them up, the way you can with watercolor. Another challenge for me – perspective! The photo I chose was perfect for my mom, but the perspective was a challenge for me. After I added the lamppost, I knew I’d messed up. It was way too tall. To be honest, if the painting wasn’t for my mom, I would have ditched it.

But I persevered. I pulled it out every so often and continued working on it. I already bought a frame. This week I measured the frame and decided to cut the painting and get rid of the too tall lamppost. In doing that, I’d need a custom mat. About 3 months ago, inspired by the Frugal Crafter, I bought mat board and a mat cutter. It was the first time I’d seen a tool that wasn’t an expensive table top cutter. The Logan 2000, has a line that you line up to prevent you from cutting past the corners. Since I already have a cutting mat and a straight edge, and am used to trimming with an exacto knife, it seemed perfect for me.

Isn’t it amazing how something sits for months and then in two days, you’ve completed the job. (It only took 2 days, because on the first day I mistakenly thought the Logan 2000 didn’t come with the blades. I was so disappointed! Eventually I realized I had everything I needed.) I found it a little hard, especially the corners, but I was happy with the outcome! I think with practice it will get easier.

I posted Mom’s painting on Instagram (mycreativeresolution) to see if she’ll notice. I hope she likes it! Wait, breaking news: She saw it and she likes it! 🙂 And it feels good to be done and to finally have used my new cutter!

My Steps:

See the start of this painting in the post “Pressure and Painting,” and the middle in the post “Mom’s present has entered the ugly phase. Can it recover?”

Cutting off the lamppost.

Figuring out the correct height of the lamppost, before drawing a new one.

Logan 2000
logan1 logan2

13 thoughts on “Cutting away the mistake

  1. I love how it turned out, it looks like a serene and inviting place and I would like to take a stroll down that wooden walk way. 🙂

  2. The process photos rock!! Your are awesome Eileen! Cropping was perfect to make this scene just right. Mom’s a lucky lady 🙂

  3. I love this painting and I love The Frugal Crafter too! I wouldn’t be drawing or painting if it weren’t for her. I love your sky and the detail in the wood. I think you’re doing really well. I’d be proud to hang this on my wall. Mom is lucky! I’m glad she likes it.

    After April, I hope to be painting some beach scenes as well. I’m seagull obsessed. Anyway, glad to have found you here.

    1. Thank you so much!! And I’m flattered you’d hang it on your wall! Yes the frugal crafter is awesome. I need a snow day or something so I can sit and watch all her videos!
      I appreciate your comments. I’m glad you found me too. I’m sure I’ll start painting all things beach, once it warms up here. Although the photos I took of the beach covered in snow (last post) were cool too!

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