But where am I going?


Armed with a list of all the things I want to try (and do) in 2015 and with a year of My Creative Resolution under my belt, I was feeling good. Until I started thinking, “Where am I going? Where is all of this leading? Am I just randomly jumping from project to project?”

The book “Making Art A Practice: How To Be The Artist You Are” by Cat Bennett came along at the perfect time. Here are several quotes that were so spot on, Cat Bennett could have been writing them just for me!

“Here is where we are right now, so we go from here. We begin with one small step…It’s in doing the work that we see the next step.”

“It’s well worth our time to make work without a goal or end product in mind.”

“Try things. Learn what you need to know, and who you are too. Skills open us up to more ideas and possibilities.”

To me it all meant – calm down and continue what you are doing. Continue being creative, continuing exploring new things. Before reading the book, I planned on looking through my work from last year, and years prior, to look for common elements in subject and style. (To convince myself I wasn’t working randomly!) The book elaborated on this and suggests “looking for connections throughout your work in theme, point of view, materials, etc., and noticing variations and change points.”

I’m excited to analyze my old stuff and to share it with you! And to continue one step at a time.

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

Watercolor Artist, seascape painter, collector of creative inspiration. Sign up for my newsletter!

6 thoughts on “But where am I going?

  1. Nice artwork and fantastic review. I’m gonna check the library now and see if I can find it. I’m so glad you picked up this book at just the right time. Wishing you a wonderfully creative 2015!

  2. Just enjoy the journey and see where it takes you! Otherwise, it loses the fun spontaneity you have felt all last year. Excellent quotes. Glad you found them just in the nick of time. 😀

  3. Nice painting! Enjoy the journey and trust yourself. U will develop your style.

  4. Thank you! I will, the journey brought me a lot of joy this year. 🙂

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