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Inkblots – So much fun!


Turning inkblots into characters was so much fun. What a creative project! Thank you to Judy Watson. This was the first time I’ve tried this. It only took about ten minutes. I started making up stories about some of the characters. What a great way to get the creativity flowing.


Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

Web and Print Designer living in New York. I blog about painting, illustration, and designing patterns. Inquires are welcome.

9 thoughts on “Inkblots – So much fun!

  1. Good on you! They turned out beautifully. I wish I could see them at a larger size. Some of them will make great characters for stories. Have fun.

  2. Oh this looks like such fun!

  3. That looks like fun – I’ll have to try it with my kids

  4. i absolutely adore this! super fun idea ❤

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