Figure Drawing – the inside of the body


I know, you’re probably laughing at my picture right now, but I thought sketching the inside of the body would be a helpful exercise. I started with a skeleton sketch, then laid tracing paper over it and sketched in some of the muscles. I’m hoping this will help me next time I sketch a figure.

Currently, I’m using a book I found at the library, “Drawing Figures,” by Ray Smith. But I’m looking for others. If anyone has any recommendations on books or videos – that would be great!

I’ve done a couple of sketches of the kids this past week.


I’m already excited about my progress on my summer project (figure drawing)! To give credit where credit is due – Here is a link to a post on “A Thing Created,” which talks about understanding the skull underneath the face for portrait drawings. Thank you Erisha!

3 thoughts on “Figure Drawing – the inside of the body

  1. Good job! It’s not easy to draw the muscular body! I really just hated that part of art classes, haha. If you are looking for more resources- look into your local Michael’s other craft stores around you. Sometimes they have weekend or night classes you can pick up some tips from. Love the way your son’s foot is tapping or stuck up just so.

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