What to paint?

I wanted to paint, wanted to get “into” a project, but I had no ideas or inspiration. I couldn’t go outside and take pictures of the garden. It’s covered in snow. Not a pretty snow, a solid, icy, block of snow. As I was trying to come up with an idea, I grab two magazines and remembered the post I wrote about coming up with ideas. Looking through magazines was on my list.

Both magazines had pictures of cherry blossoms in it. This was ironic, because just that morning I booked a Spring trip to Washington, DC, which is famous for it’s cherry blossoms. I was really inspired by a picture in Martha Stewart Living with the cherry blossoms on a dark slate background. I love the look of a dark background. One of my goals for 2015 is to paint on dark paper.

My steps:
cherryblossom1  cherryblossom3 cherryblossom2


It felt good to get into my project. My goal was to stay loose and not paint each flower – which is why I started the flowers and buds by splashing the pink on my paper. I wanted the background to be dark. To achieve this, I had to apply a couple of layers to the background. I think buying gouache paint is in my future!

For me this painting is not so much about the final product, but about getting started, and getting ideas flowing again.

I can’t wait for Spring and for the Cherry Blossoms!

11 thoughts on “What to paint?

  1. Good choice! I also struggle with coming up with ideas! I think it feels similar to writer’s block sometimes. I keep a pinterest board, folder on my computer, and a stack of magazine clippings to go to when it’s time to start a new project.

  2. My two issues are: not having enough inspiration and not making time to be creative. But I love the idea of looking through magazines! And I live right outside of Washington DC so I can attest that your cherry blossoms are very beautiful!

  3. I went with a set of 12 by Reeves, ACMoore – just starting out and bought so many supplies, later on I can splurge more on more colors and better quality. I have yet to attest to the Reeve goauche tube quality…

    1. When I first started I was buying supplies like crazy. Now I try really hard to buy a little at a time and use it. Otherwise I forget why I bought stuff and it just sits. I’d like to treat myself in April (my birthday month) to a nice set of gouache paints.

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