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Abstract Watercolor


I need a large piece of artwork to fit over my new couch in our living room. It seems a shame to buy something when I’ve been doing all this work, right?! Problem is, I don’t normally work large. I had an idea to paint two canvases with acrylics but my first stab didn’t go well, and I haven’t been inspired to try it again. Acrylics are still out of my comfort zone.

The Bare Wall

Lately on Instagram, I’ve gotten compliments for my watercolor backgrounds (ahem Margie). The other day when I was looking through a magazine I saw a watercolor “blob” for sale. Personally I didn’t really get it, but it gave me an idea. “Maybe I can create a larger piece that is similar to the backgrounds I normally create. An abstract watercolor.”

Yesterday morning it struck me – to work on three panels together, almost as if they were one sheet. I’ll trim each one, frame them separately, and hang them next to each other!

Will these work? The hunt for frames begins…

P.S. There aren’t any work in progress photos because I took a video! But it needs serious editing before I show it to you. ha ha. I turned the camera on, then walked away for 5 minutes to get my paints! Hopefully my editor (my daughter) can work on it soon, so I can show you. 🙂

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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9 thoughts on “Abstract Watercolor

  1. Love this idea and you can enjoy looking at your work displayed in your home.

  2. I love this idea too! I have a bare wall above the couch in our family room just like your bare wall.. 🙂 It has been bare for 5 years… head hanging down in shame. I have another bare wall in our four seasons porch. I fell in love with your Orange Slices on Instagram and am now loving your Little City Street! I see a triptych of Little City Street.. 🙂 Or Orange Slices.

  3. Add a few splashy, patterned, throw pillows picking up the colors in your paintings, and wahla!!

  4. The colors are a breath of spring! Love it!

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