Easy Acrylic Beach Painting

I needed something to hang on the bare wall over the couch. I had the idea to create an aerial view of the beach on two canvases. I wanted it to be very simple – 2 areas of solid color. The area where they meet would have a little more detail to hint that it is a beach shot from above.

Here’s my sketch and the acrylic paint colors I selected – Buff White and Cobalt Teal. Similar paints Windsor & Newton Buff Titanium and Liquitex Cobalt TealYou’ll also need a small amount of white.
I put two 20 x 24″ canvases together to sketch where the shoreline would be and to ensure the canvases line up.
I painted each of the solid areas. 

Then, I added a thin layer of the blue over about 2″ of the sand nearest the shoreline. This is the shallow area of the ocean. At the edge of this area (and the sand) I added a thin uneven line of white for the ocean’s foam.

I was really happy with the results! Let me know if you give it a try.

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Easy Acrylic Beach Painting anyone can make!

19 thoughts on “Easy Acrylic Beach Painting

  1. Looking good! And now, maybe a cool sconce to the right of the diptych still within the width of the couch? Hard to tell how much space is there from the photo. So much fun decorating and spiffing things up. We already talked about toss pillow. Hope you don’t mind my thoughts. I can’t resist, LOL!

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