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April = Art Supply Shopping


aprilshowers orangeflowers
Wow, April is flying by! The first couple of days I spent preparing to host Easter. The following day we took the kids to Washington, D.C. The last couple of days I’ve been busy celebrating my birthday! Okay I don’t love that I’m 45, but I love my Birthday! Yesterday I took my Birthday money (I sound like I’m twelve) and went to Blick.

I usually try to restrain myself at Blick. I know you can easily go overboard with art supplies and buy everything. And end up not using it for months, if ever! I usually try to buy only things I have an immediate need for. But with my Birthday money burning a hole in my pocket I bought almost everything on my list:

  • More Tombows for hand lettering. I love the one I bought previously, but it’s getting frayed.
  • 2 square pads of watercolor paper. I love square and they didn’t have any last time
  • 1 large pad of watercolor paper. I used up the last one.
  • Canvases! I want to paint in acrylic paint again.
  • Acrylic paint in a beautiful aqua and a sand color. I have a vision for a 2 canvas painting!
  • Gouache! It’s on my 2015 list of things to try. So I finally splurged on a beginner mixing set.

I didn’t buy a set of watercolors. My last set is a mess, but I’m still working off what I squeezed into my palette, so I really don’t need a new set. Also, I think I should just replace colors as I need them and not buy a set. There was a limit to the Birthday money!

All this new stuff is definitely helping to motivate me. My trip interrupted my streak of painting everyday, so I’m trying to get back into it.
Happy Spring! 🙂


Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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7 thoughts on “April = Art Supply Shopping

  1. Yay, new art supplies!! Happy Birthday! :)))

  2. Hey, Happy Birthday to you! Oh to be 45 again.. 😀 I don’t mind telling you twice that the purple umbrella is ah-dorable! And you know I love the colors on the flowers! I am so used to IG that I didn’t notice you had a gallery page… I will have to click. How fun to go to Blick”s on a birthday spending spree!

  3. Sounds like fun. 45 is very young still…enjoy!

  4. I love the umbrella too! It would make such a cute greetings card 🙂

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