A Second Try – the painting redo

It’s happened to all of us. You get inspired by something, you sit down to paint, you finish, and then you look at it and see the mistakes. Ugh. I have to admit, sometimes I don’t notice the mistakes until I take a photo of the final piece for Instagram. For some reason seeing it as a photo, gives me a different perspective on the piece.

So…you made a mistake and you aren’t happy with your painting, now what? Do you dive back in and try again or say “Oh well.” For me it depends. A big factor is how long I worked on the piece. If it was a quickie, like the Gerbera Daisy below, I’ll dive back in. I also weigh how big of a mistake it was. I’ve learned over time, that I’m very critical of a piece right after finishing it, because I’m still “in it.” Several days later I’m much less critical.

For me, the mistake of adding 2-3 extra rows of petals was too big to ignore. I was so happy with the painting until I “saw” what I had done. I had gotten carried away. I immediately started another version.

I’ve had this dilema before and wrote about it, here and here. What I realized back then, is that painting a piece over doesn’t ensure success. It doesn’t ensure a better version. I might correct some mistakes, but lose other good things about the first version.

Do you paint a new version when you make a mistake?

10 thoughts on “A Second Try – the painting redo

  1. I adore both. And I am so bad, I don’t like to paint a new version, I just like to keep moving on. So good for you to make yourself happy with the second version.

  2. I always have told my young art students “perceived mistakes” are just happy opportunities. Both your paintings are awesome.

  3. I agree with Sharon and C both. I just move on, usually don’t go back, and both of your paintings are beautiful. Love your colors too. Tell that inner critic to shut his piehole. 🙂 Nice work!

  4. I too like both. I often do things more than once; sometimes I like them better, sometimes not. But I always see different things with each attempt, and I think that’s valuable.

  5. Sometimes. Mostly I try to incorporate mistakes into the existing piece, but sometimes (like a portrait where the perspective was way wonky and I somehow didn’t notice) I start anew.

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