Watercolor for Beginners

Practicing on scrap paper before diving in


After the debacle of the sunflower. I decided to practice on a scrap piece of paper before starting a painting of an Echinacea flower. This way I would have a plan on how to paint it.

The scrap paper coneflower came out pretty good, so I started my painting. I loved the start of this painting. But when I went back to add some details I felt like I messed it up. Why is it that working quick can look great, but sometimes when you work harder at something (more deliberately), you overwork it, and ruin it?

So here I am with a scrap of paper, that several people love, and an unfinished painting. And I am stuck.

I wrote the above 4 weeks ago! Ironically yesterday’s post was “Forcing myself to finish.” This Echinacea flower project is a great example of me not finishing – I felt I had ruined it, didn’t know how to proceed, so I stopped. Two days ago, I pulled it out, added details in ink, and declared it finished.

No matter how a project comes out it feels great to finish!

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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13 thoughts on “Practicing on scrap paper before diving in

  1. I can’t figure out which you think is messed up…they all look OK to me, just different approaches to the subject.

  2. I like the way you finished it! Beautiful colors too!

  3. The ink details are really nice! good for you for keeping at it, and ending up with something you are proud of.

  4. I really like all three of them; they are all beautiful in their own way!

  5. ….closure! And I have the same feeling some times that something I did as a sketch, quickie, loose, on a whim, looks so great I want to make a “real” version, a bigger more substantial piece but then it is different, not as appealing…you echinacea is great! I love the word the debacle too….I live in a world of debacles! haha

  6. Now frame this beautiful flower and admire your creativity. Nicely done.

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