Doodling over and over

Lately I’ve been using a really smooth gel pen in my sketchbook. I’ll pick a subject and draw it over and over, while watching TV. It’s very relaxing. The doodles usually get better and better as I practice.

As you can see I’m usually watching shows about making desserts! And pretzals are my favorite TV watching snack.

I need to find a similar smooth gel pen that is waterproof – Any recommendations?

pretzals icecream

5 thoughts on “Doodling over and over

  1. I find doodling very relaxing too! Are you looking for a gel pen in several colors? My favorite gel pen is Signo uni-ball! But I think it only comes in white, gold and silver – maybe black. As for my favorite perm black pen for doodling – Sharpie extra fine! Not a gel pen but it lasts much longer than the Micron pens. 😊 Hope this helps you!

  2. These are lovely!
    I’ve been doodling a lot, lately on a 6×6 in watercolor paper… Usually I pick a theme, draw a doodle and a little message. It’s so much fun! 🙂

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