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Looking back and looking forward on my creative resolution



When I first made “my creative resolution” just before the start of 2014, my mission statement was: “Hoping to draw, paint, and create my way through 2014.”

I just wanted to be creative. I didn’t even know what I’d be working on. My interests were a varied list of painting, working with recycled materials, refinishing furniture, decorating my mantle, etc. The real goal was to be creative on a regular basis, and finish projects. I had a terrible habit of never finishing things. I made great progress in 2014, my interests became more focused on drawing and painting, and I finished almost everything I started, including some old projects.

At the start of 2015, my mission statement was: Continuing my creative journey into 2015.”

I knew I had come so far, and I wanted to keep growing, and learning. I wasn’t giving up. I had a long lists of goals, although this list, wasn’t as varied as the year before.

Things I want to try in 2015:

  1. Linocut
  2. Lettering
  3. Online workshops
  4. Painting on dark paper
  5. Doodling
  6. Video
  7. Patterns
  8. Maps
  9. Digital Brushes
  10. Watercolor Parties

Most of these items, I tried at least once. Some, like designing patterns (surface design), I adopted as a monthly goal. See all my 2015 patterns here.

My mission statement for 2016 is more of a declaration of me: “Painting, Illustration, Surface Design, and Animation.”

I want to continue painting, working on my illustration style, and designing surface patterns. And I want to learn and grow in the area of animation. See my recent post on exploring animation here.

It’s important to look at where you’ve been, and plan on where you want to go. These two years have been amazing for me. I’ve grown so much on this creative journey. I’ve met amazing friends. It has made me feel happy and fulfilled, and I’m excited about what 2016 will bring. 🙂

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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19 thoughts on “Looking back and looking forward on my creative resolution

  1. It is fun to look back and see where you have been….and to now think about where to go….I like the path of animation….I look forward to what you do with that…and all the other mediums and styles you create in….nice post!!

  2. Hi Eileen – best of luck with making the most of it! I just wanted to share this article on motion design (probably you already know it, but maybe not)

  3. Wonderful ‘look-back’ and love the fluid progression into the coming year’s plan. As always your art and creative list making are inspiring. Congratulations on this past year’s success and looking forward to seeing your new creative adventures in the coming year. Peace.

  4. what an awesome journey! Looking forward to 2016!

  5. Yes, what an awesome journey. I’ve enjoyed the process and the results, and look forward to what you’ll bring in 2016. Happy New Creative Year, Eileen! Cheers from Downunder….janina 😀

  6. I’ve enjoy all your posts Eileen. I’ll look forward to you New Years creativity.

  7. So interesting to see how your interests have developed and grown over the last few years and how rewarding to look back on them. You have inspired me to do the same. Happy New Year Eileen and I look forward to your adventures in 2016. Karen

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