Painting the Beach

After painting a few flowers, I wanted a new subject. The beach is my favorite place. I’m always trying to paint it but struggle to really capture it – the shadows and waves in the water, the changing color of the sand. When I put too much detail in the water it just doesn’t look right. When I work quicker and looser it looks better, but seems to be missing something. After a few attempts at painting the beach, I needed a new subject (again). Right in front of me were shells we collected at the beach. Ah! Still the beach, but now I’m zooming in on the details. This one was fun and I like how it came out.

10 thoughts on “Painting the Beach

  1. I like them both, Eileen! 🌞🐚🐬 I really like the color of the ocean and how you painted the waves. I also find painting shells or rocks on the beach very fun! 😄

  2. Well done especially the color of the ocean. Take a closer look at the waves when you at the beach next time. Then look at your sketch again. Or look at a photo of the waves crashing on the shore. I have never attempted the beach. I find when something is missing in my sketches it is because I am not looking. Your work is so good. I like the shells. Something else I have not painted!

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