Looking forward to a new season.

One of the things I’ve learned about myself since starting my creative resolution is that I’m inspired by the seasons. I’m already seeing signs of what’s to come and I’m looking forward to it! Paintings (and sketches) of shells and the ocean will soon be replaced by leaves and trees and other Fall things! IContinue reading “Looking forward to a new season.”

Results of my “Assembly Line Painting” experiment. {Please vote for your favorite!}

I finished the four paintings that I working on in “assembly line” fashion. Click here to read more about how I approached working on these paintings. Results: The results of the experiment are best described by this analogy: It’s like raising kids. You raise them in the same way – same environment, same food, activities, etc. butContinue reading “Results of my “Assembly Line Painting” experiment. {Please vote for your favorite!}”

Assembly Line Painting {an experiment}

I recently had some success with a fairly quick beach landscape. The blooms that unintentionally formed and looked like crashing waves was a large part of the success. I was curious if I could recreate this and decided to set up several boards (watercolor paper taped to cardboard) to paint all at once. My plan wasContinue reading “Assembly Line Painting {an experiment}”

Forcing myself to finish.

One thing I’ve learned about myself as an artist, is that I dive into a project with enthusiasm. I think it’s the Aries in me [read more about that here]. It’s great for starting a project, but for me, a couple of things can get in the way of finishing a project. I lose enthusiasm.Continue reading “Forcing myself to finish.”

How fun … my art on a tshirt!

Recently someone reached out to me on Instagram and asked if I’d like to submit a piece of art to be put on a tshirt and sold through their site. Since I’ve never gotten around to uploading my designs to one of those other sites (that put your design on all kinds of things), I thought, “WhyContinue reading “How fun … my art on a tshirt!”

Comparing last year’s work to this year

When I look back on what I was working on last year and compare it to this year – I’m amazed. I feel like I have developed and progressed so much as an artist. Last year at this time – I was still not using watercolor paper! I just started adding details in ink last August.Continue reading “Comparing last year’s work to this year”

My 8 inch square paintings

What size, shape do you like to work in? When I finally started using watercolor paper (I know what was I waiting for?) I came across Fluid Watercolor Paper 8″ square pad or “Easy Block” as they call it. I love working with this size and shape! As you can tell by the image above, I doContinue reading “My 8 inch square paintings”

What the numbers really mean…to me.

212 posts published! 100+ pieces completed in the last 6 months! 300+ followers! 797 comments – your comments, encouraging me and motivating me! 578 days keeping my creative resolution unmeasurable – the joy I feel living a creative life I’ve been blogging for a year and a half and during that time creating art has became an integral part of myContinue reading “What the numbers really mean…to me.”

Sketching & Doodling in Summer

Where are the lazy days of Summer? It feels busy. I’m trying hard to squeeze in sketching time, even at the pool. And if I’m at the beach, I’m always taking pictures and thinking about the next painting. More and more, I realize how inspired I am by the seasons. My paintings of flowers have been replaced byContinue reading “Sketching & Doodling in Summer”

A pattern for July – Seashells

I really enjoyed creating this pattern. It brought me back to collecting shells as a kid and marveling at the patterns and colors. Oh wait, I still do that! This pattern started with doodles in my sketchbook. I drew a lot of shells! I have jarfuls on hand for reference. Then on watercolor paper I paintedContinue reading “A pattern for July – Seashells”