9 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

My 2014 resolution was to be more creative. I came across a note I wrote six months in, “just pull out the paints.” Now, four years later, I realize keeping a resolution isn’t that simple. I know my success has been much more specific than that. There are ups and downs to any resolution. There areContinue reading “9 Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution”

2015 – off to a great start!

So far I’ve been working on several of my 2015 goals and it’s only the first week of January! Here’s what I’ve hit so far. Lettering and Doodling – Every couple of days I pull out my sketch book and doodle and practice my lettering. I’m finding that I can create more whimsical, simpler illustrationsContinue reading “2015 – off to a great start!”

New year – New banner!

Happy New Year!!! I am so excited to continue my creative journey into 2015 and I have so many plans. I have learned and accomplished so much in 2014. 2014 wasn’t the first time that I made a resolution to be creative. But, it is the first time that I stuck with my resolution! Because of that, I feel like I’mContinue reading “New year – New banner!”

10 ways to keep your New Year’s Resolution

Make a resolution you want to keep, not one you think you should keep. Clearly define your resolution, so you know the steps you have to take to “keep it.” Be realistic. You can build on your resolution over time. If your resolution is running – don’t expect to run a marathon the first weekContinue reading “10 ways to keep your New Year’s Resolution”

Forgotten Projects

I love starting a new project, but inevitably my enthusiasm wanes and it’s hard to stick with and finish the project . As I look back on my creative projects this year, I’m surprised there aren’t more abandoned projects. I know the reason why. It’s because of you! If I was working privately and not fillingContinue reading “Forgotten Projects”

6 months of my creative resolution!

…and still going strong. In the past 6 months I have accomplished 52 watercolor paintings, 8 acrylics on canvas and 64 sketches! It is amazing to me what writing a goal down can do. When I first typed the words, “I hope to draw, paint and create my way through 2014!” – I didn’t know whatContinue reading “6 months of my creative resolution!”

Wavering in my creative resolution (just a little)

I created a new banner to remind myself of some of the things I’ve accomplished in the last four months. I was wavering a little bit in my enthusiasm for my creative resolution, when my daughter said to me, “Don’t give up.” Why are 13 year olds so smart?! She is right of course. AndContinue reading “Wavering in my creative resolution (just a little)”

The Five Minute Sketch

I am proud of how, I have kept, my creative resolution, this past month. I spent a lot of my creative time, painting in acrylics, which is something I’ve wanted to focus on, for a while. In a short amount of time, I’ve refined my skills and I’m happy with my progress. I plan onContinue reading “The Five Minute Sketch”

Happy New Year!

This year I’m taking my New Year’s resolution to a new level. I’m holding myself accountable, by making a commitment to blog about my progress. In the past I’ve been great in the ideas department, not as good in the follow through! But this time, I hope to draw, paint and create my way throughContinue reading “Happy New Year!”