Wavering in my creative resolution (just a little)

I created a new banner to remind myself of some of the things I’ve accomplished in the last four months. I was wavering a little bit in my enthusiasm for my creative resolution, when my daughter said to me, “Don’t give up.” Why are 13 year olds so smart?! She is right of course. And I don’t want to give up. I just needed a little push and maybe a pat on the back. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wavering in my creative resolution (just a little)

  1. Pat! Pat! Pat! Your very wise and adorable daughter is right. You have an amazing gift, and you should use it 🙂 I love your blog and your banner is awesome. If you find yourself in “painter’s block” again you should try sketching or painting in public. Sit on a bench in a public outdoor place, outdoor cafe etc. Look around at faces, objects, buildings…something will inspire you!

  2. Thank you!!! It means a lot to me that you are enjoying my blog, and I enjoy yours! Drawing in public-ahhh!-I’d feel so self conscious. But, I will try it. I know just the spot. I’ll grab a bench on the boardwalk. It will be a great people watching (sketching) spot and of course the beach/ocean is a great subject. Thank you for inspiring me! BTW – My daughter was impressed that you could tell she is adorable – lol!

  3. Don’t give up – it is so much fun! Though it is good idea to remember that you can always start again and again and again no matter how long was the break from the creating – took me a long time to learn that. It’s great that your daughter is supportive of you.

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