Where is this leading? It’s leading where I want it to go!

Every couple of months I experience doubt and think to myself, “What is the point of all of this?” But this time I didn’t let negative thoughts stay around long, before I started thinking of all I have accomplished.

  • I’ve kept My Creative Resolution, and have been living a “creative life,” for well over a year.
  • I’ve developed a style with watercolor and ink that feels like me!
  • I paint/draw and share my work on Instagram almost every day.
  • And of course, I love sharing my process and inspiration (and random thoughts) on this blog!

So when I start asking, “Where is this leading?” I need to rephrase the question and ask myself,
“Where do I want this to lead? Where do I want to go?”

Answer: I would love to do editorial illustration. I would like to create illustrations to accompany magazine articles.

How do I get in there? I don’t really know, but I have to start figuring it out. I need to start reaching out to people. I can’t expect that they will come to me.

Case in point:
As you may remember, I’m a Graphic Designer. and this Summer I struck out on my own. In November I saw an ad for the opening of a local clothing boutique. A new store usually needs a new website. So, stepping out of my comfort zone, I called them and left a message, telling them who I was and what I could do for them. A few months later, I followed up with a postcard. Last week they called me! If I hadn’t made that phone call, I would never have gotten the opportunity to design their website.

As Abby of “While She Naps” says, “ASK.”

So, instead of feeling negative, I’m feeling good about how far I’ve come on my journey and I am excited to take the next steps. You have been a HUGE reason that I’ve come this far without giving up and I appreciate that so much!

Thank you!



15 thoughts on “Where is this leading? It’s leading where I want it to go!

  1. A very good and positive perspective! 🙂
    I absolutely Love your art today; it’s bright, cheerful and it makes you wanna to take a walk on a rainy day and you don’t even care it’s raining because you’re happy to be alive!

  2. It is beautiful, as always, and congratulations on the call-back. There are literally countless small businesses out there you could help. You’re not limited by geography! Keep up the good work!

  3. You should absolutely feel very good about yourself… when I found you through Margie on IG I was HAPPY. I love your Instagram and so I must tell you. I had to get a new Instagram so when you see dlk_clickpix it is me and I am going to comment today! This watercolor makes me smile… 🙂 Congratulations on the call back!!! Yay!

  4. Yes my dear, you have to pursue those dreams. It will happen. Just be patient and stay the course. You’re certainly headed in the right direction in my humble opinion. xoxo

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