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Painting the ocean


Living near the ocean, and loving it as I do, I’ve often tried to paint it. It’s not easy! There are so many shadows in the water even on the calmest days. I’ve created paintings where I’ve tried to paint each little shadow and they have looked stiff. Nothing like water. I’ve found that sometimes the quick paintings of the ocean, where I don’t over work them, end up being the most successful.
In this painting I added a little water below the blue and it pushed into the blue creating blooms that look like a wave. Happy accidents!


Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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26 thoughts on “Painting the ocean

  1. It’s beautiful!!!

  2. Oh wow, Laura! Get it framed. 🙂

  3. Really really works! Lovely!

  4. I agree: get it framed. It’s perfect.

  5. This is great – a wonderful wave!

  6. Eileen, it’s beautiful!!! I hope it’s framed already!!

  7. Great job Eileen! I am at the beach on vacation and thought I would paint the ocean/beach. I can’t believe how difficult it is! At least for a very very beginner like me. You did a nice job. 🙂

  8. Beautiful Eileen, you’ve capture the waves breaking magically.

  9. it’s so nice when blooms happen where they make great sense!

  10. GREAT JOB! Water is a fickle trickle isn’t it! Especially open ocean like that, where there is no shadows to reflect….but using the water like this created a perfect effect of waves….

  11. That bloom looks so convincing! A very happy accident indeed 🙂

  12. I love the simplicity of this scene. This is gorgeous!

  13. Very fresh, good decision. You really get watercolor!

  14. That’s so beautiful. I’ve only recently picked up painting again

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