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Be creative! It will super charge your senses


One of the side effects of living a creative life is your senses become super charged. Plainly stated you notice things. On a recent walk with a friend, I stopped her a few times to say, “Look at that!” Her response, “I forgot I was with an artist.” I was finding beauty in things she didn’t even notice. I mean just look at these flowers!

I love this “stop and smell the roses” mentality. As a runner, I see things all the time that I’d never notice driving by in a car. I often stop running and snap a photo. A common caption on my Instagram is “Found during my run.” Many times these photos are inspiration for my paintings.

I’ve realized over the last year and half, how much the seasons inspire me. Here in New York, the leaves are just starting to turn. I see hints of it here and there. And I can’t wait. My recent artwork reflects how Fall is inspiring me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m already doodling Halloween stuff in my sketchbook…can’t wait to share! 🙂

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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7 thoughts on “Be creative! It will super charge your senses

  1. It’s true, I’m always considering how I would draw what I see. Stop staring down at your little screens, people! You are missing the world. (K)

  2. Oh, yes, I so agree with you, and Memadtwo! Your slideshow makes me feel Fall is here. I particularly like your b+w pumpkin sketch, wow.

  3. Love your pumpkin with all the patterns! Super FUN! 😊🎨🎃

  4. This is so true! the world is such a beautiful place, especially when the sun is shining!

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