Lessons Learned on my Creative Journey

In the beginning, I paused every few months and wrote about what I’d learned so far about creating art, and about myself. Just 1 post shy of 300 posts I decided to reflect again. Here is what I’ve learned on my creative journey:

  1. There are ups and downs in a creative practice. Stick with it through the down times, an up time is coming, and you never know how high you’ll climb.
  2. Practice does make (almost) perfect.
  3. Accountability motivates you to get stuff done.
  4. You can retrain yourself to embrace better work habits.
  5. There is character and style to the “imperfect.”
  6. Share what you create, don’t create to share.
  7. Those beautiful Instagram posts only tell a sliver of a story. Don’t fall into comparing yourself.
  8. Interviews with other creatives tell much more of the story, and can be very real, and very inspiring. I love listening to podcasts.
  9. It takes time and work to develop your style.
  10. Capture the moments when you feel inspired – snap a photo or jot down a note, for later.
  11. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike or a plan to form, sit down and start creating, and things will start to unfold.

My other “lessons learned” posts:

What have you learned on your journey?

21 thoughts on “Lessons Learned on my Creative Journey

  1. I love your list and especially I really agree with it takes time to find your style. I’ll be posting my journey during my May challenge probably on Wednesday, your post reminded me of my journey.

  2. I tend to practise 10 a lot, and then 11 follows on pretty quickly thereafter. Keep on creating, Eileen, is all I have to say! 😀

  3. You have learned a lot. What a great question! I have a journal where I write down and record the things I have learned. When I forget and feel like I haven’t learned anything, I go to that journal and remind myself that learning how to create art doesn’t happen over night. I have TRIED to learn to be patient and that my style will come and not to force it. Number 11 on your list is very hard for me to do. I feel like I never have enough time so Im always working on a project and never have any down time. Thanks for posting your accomplishments!!!

    1. Jade, Thanks so much for your comment! You are so right. We need to write it down and read back on what we’ve accomplished. I know I get impatient and think I’ve haven’t progresses at all. But when I look through my journal, or sketchbook, or old blog posts I realize I have come far. I too have a hard time making myself sit down when I don’t have that spark. History has proven that when I sit down, good things usually happen. I’ve also realized that I go through periods when I don’t do much and my focus is elsewhere and other periods when I’m creating like crazy. I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up about what is probably the natural cycle of things. Glad you stopped by!😀

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