Painting my favorite candy – Dots

Painting candy packaging - Dots #candy #illustration #food
Uppercase Magazine – a favorite creative magazine of mine – recently had a call for submissions of artwork of your favorite packaging. I of course picked one of my favorite childhood candies, DOTS, to paint. (And Yes, I ate all the DOTS.)

One of my goals this year is to get my artwork “out there.” I’m not necessarily searching for places to submit my work, but staying alert for opportunities, in places that I’m a fan of.

So far:

I view each submission as a victory, regardless if I’m accepted or not. It is an accomplishment to follow through and submit, and in many cases create new art for the submission. And just like the old lottery slogan, “You’ve got to be in it, to win it.”


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6 thoughts on “Painting my favorite candy – Dots

  1. One of my paintings that is my favorite came about in response to a call for entries that totally fizzled. (I never received any response to my entry. Best I can tell, the whole project was cancelled.) Anyway, I probably wouldn’t have created the motif had it not been for that particular project proposal. And it’s a motif that I now really love, one that is amenable to more than one interpretation — and I’ve painted it more than once and am still working out a definitive version …. So, you just never know where something leads. Ideas are everywhere.

    Love the dots and am glad that you enjoyed eating the subject matter as well as painting it.

    1. You are so right Aletha, you never know where something will lead. And sometimes I welcome the assignment of a submission to do something a little different. Which painting of your was for a submission and is your favorite? I’d love to see! I’m awed by the size you work in. 😀

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