“Draw, Paint, Create” Pattern

Wouldn’t this be great on pajamas?! This pattern (my January pattern) is in honor of my creative resolution. I scanned some of my doodles, created the pattern in Photoshop, and painted it with one of the digital watercolor brushes. Creating this pattern hits upon several of my goals for 2015, which include doodling, creating patterns, and digital brushes. Three birds with one stone! My revised goal is to create a pattern a month.

I still have mixed feelings about using the computer to create my patterns. As a Graphic Designer, it feels less like fun creative time and a little more like work. But there are certain things, styles, etc. that I want to try, and the computer is the way to achieve these things. I do love that the pattern is hand drawn illustrations and I’m having fun learning things in Photoshop I’ve never used, like the watercolor brushes.

Click here to see the prior post on this subject and my sketchbook. Stay tuned for Febraury’s pattern – I’m very excited about it!

Here is the pattern without the repeat.

14 thoughts on ““Draw, Paint, Create” Pattern

  1. This pattern is fabulous!! I can see it on a canvas tote(s), of different sizes with pocket options for hauling around art supplies! Also on Pima cotton pajama bottoms!! FAB!!!

  2. I love this pattern. Time to go over to Spoonflower and get the fabric printed, you can also enter one of their contests. Well done !

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