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Gardening Pattern


Now that the snow has melted in the backyard, I have gardening on my mind. And painting outside! I can’t wait to have inspiration growing in the garden! My husband likes to call gardening “digging in the dirt.”

This gardening pattern, my March pattern, is the first I’ve painted in watercolor. The other two patterns (art/January and love/February) were painted in Photoshop. I limited the number of colors I used, so the items would be uniform. I scanned the illustrations and arranged them in Photoshop.

After I liked how the elements were arranged, I created a frame and duplicated the entire group several times. First, I checked how the items repeated left and right.

Then I checked how the elements repeated top and bottom. I had to make some adjustements when things overlapped.

I am happy with how it came out. It’s my favorite pattern so far. It’s amazing to see sketches turned into a pattern and looking so finished. Happy Spring! 🙂

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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19 thoughts on “Gardening Pattern

  1. I saw your post on my reader earlier today but didn’t have time to comment… I really love this pattern and the color palette. I think you could market this as the scrapbooking paper or similar. It’s very pretty! 🙂

  2. It really is lovely. Terrific colors and nice, clean lines. Well done!

  3. Darling! My Husband, CH, is the gardener in our little family of two!

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