Finding my groove.

I’ve been all over the place this week, creatively speaking. With extra time on my hands, I participated in an online hand-lettering workshop, I painted with acrylics (for the first time in months), I created St. Patrick’s Day art, and I painted in my sketchbook. Even with all of these different projects, I’m realizing what I love and what my focus should be.

Not that long ago, I worried that my creative journey didn’t have a clear path. That I was headed in too many different directions. Back in January I wrote a post, “But where am I going?” As I mentioned in that post, I found the book, “Making Art A Practice: How To Be The Artist You Are,” very helpful. The Author, Cat Bennett, suggests that you analyze your work and look for connections in theme and style.

I’ve been looking through my work and I’ve noticed what current projects make me happiest. It’s funny because I started scratching away with the ink pen (on watercolor) on a whim, but each time I do it I love it. I feel like I’ve found my style. I won’t stop exploring other things – lino, lettering, patterns, etc., but I now have a focus.

Here’s a collection of new and old illustrations that feels like “me.”

19 thoughts on “Finding my groove.

  1. And they’re so beautiful, the ones that are most like you! 😀 I really love WC with ink myself also. I think the african violet is my favorite because I feel those are hard to capture, but you’ve really got the essence right there so fresh and purely. I love it! I’m glad you’re feeling good about where you are. I feel like I want to try everything I see, but I’m hoping that’s because art is still fairly new to my life! I always enjoy your updates. And thanks for your comments on my blog too.

  2. Thanks for the mention of the book. I have looked back on my work as well and was surprised to see themes that came up, so unintentionally. It is interesting that the artistic process can feel so rudderless, when in fact we are the rudder. From your “me” portraits, I suspect you enjoy the simple things and pleasures, and to me how they tell a simple story. They are icons, full of meaning yet very simple. A signage of some kind.

    1. Your welcome, it’s a worthwhile read. It is surprising to see what themes we repeat, especially if we don’t do it intentionally. I seem to paint trees all the time and I had no idea I had a thing for trees! Thank you for your insight into the “me” projects. I hope that now that I’ve had a moment of focus I won’t change my mind tomorrow. Sometimes I can’t help but work on whatever inspires me in the moment.

  3. I feel scattered too. I’ve just signed up for an online course called Smart Creative Style that is designed to help artists hone in on their original style, their voice. Looking forward!

  4. That’s so fabulous! You have definitely found a wonderful style to call your own, and one that can continue to grow and flow into so many projects. So unbelievably proud of you my friend! So what’s next for you?

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