Artist’s Setup

Very quickly into my creative resolution, without really thinking about it, I started setting up my paints and supplies a certain way. A few brushes on a paper towel to the right (I’m right handed), water and cup of brushes above that. Paper or sketchbook in front of me. Above the paper is my watercolor palette. To the left of the palette is the mixing tray. If the table is smaller (like in the illustration) the mixing tray is to the left of the paper. Above the brushes and water is my bin of paint tubes, markers, watercolored pencils, scrap paper, etc. Pretty much anything else I may need. A coffee cup is usually placed near the water, which often leads to mix ups. Fortunately the mix up is I clean the brush in the coffee, not that I drink the dirty water.

Do you have a certain way you set up your painting supplies?


settingup mepainting

18 thoughts on “Artist’s Setup

  1. I like your set up and it looks like that spot could get some nice sun. On the coffee and water fix up… I had to get a specific coaster that I put down to separate my “drinkables” from water 😉

  2. Love it! Everything looks so orderly! You should see my painting table {it’s a mess}!!! 😀

  3. Great step up! This is very similar to the set up I have when working with watercolors, but I have been working on keeping my paints on the right and my coffee on the left. So I don’t do the mixup as well 🙂

  4. Nice studio set up. I do have a table with stuff but I rarely use it. Nearly all my sketching is done on location. So my sketch set up is in my bag!

  5. My set up is very similar to yours. I keep my rag in between the paper and water, in hopes that it will act as a dam in case of a spill. Luckily I haven’t had to test this, but I am hoping it will work. It’s funny that you mentioned the water/coffee cup mix ups. I recently saw some cute containers on etsy that had verbiage on them which read “water” and “coffee”…designed just for artists! Luckily my coffee is usually in a Starbucks container, so it’s easier to discern between the two here :-)!

  6. Hi Eileen, it’s always fun to see how other artists work. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Sharon

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