Comparing last year’s work to this year

When I look back on what I was working on last year and compare it to this year – I’m amazed. I feel like I have developed and progressed so much as an artist.

Last year at this time – I was still not using watercolor paper! I just started adding details in ink last August. Now I add ink to many of my paintings. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Projects from last Summer

This Summer

pretzaldoodles cupcakedoodles shellspattern

As I looked back at old posts I realize something else. I was all over the place trying different things, which was great, but I’ve become much more focused. I still try new things but there seems to be more of an overall continuity. A stamp of “me” on my projects. I’m curious – do you see the difference too?

Putting in the time and work is really worth it. I may not realize it everyday, but when I look back, I can’t believe how far I’ve come.


14 thoughts on “Comparing last year’s work to this year

  1. No doubt, your work is seeming to me like it has more continuity. More unity? Not sure what I want to say, but it seems more like a solid body compared to what you’ve shown from last year. I really like it, and it’s so nice to see your time and effort paying off! 💛

  2. Its a journey! I was told when I started painting to save my work for at least a year and then review it. Some of it I liked more because it was innocent and I didn’t know better. Sometimes gaining information can be more of a problem. It also takes time to develop your own style if you are not a naturally intuitive painter. I am trying different things all of the time and will ultimately find what suits me best. Keep on going is all I can say. Even well established artists change their style over the years. Its all a learning curve! 🙂

  3. It is fun to look back. I have some art that I did in my 20’s, before I ever even considered a life of art. At the time I didn’t even know what kind of paint I was using!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your art progress. I’m always intriqued the process of artists. Beautiful paintings.

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