Comparing last Fall’s work to this Fall

As I added branches to my latest illustration project, I wondered, “What was I working on last year?” I asked myself the same question at the end of the Summer and the answer was interesting. When I looked back to Summer 2014, I saw the start of my watercolor and ink style. I could pinpoint that first project where I added the ink details, and something clicked. The first couple of projects from Summer 2014 looked one way, and then a change took place.

Now, when I look back to last Fall, I see that I continued to work in that style. I actually don’t see much of a difference between last Fall and this Fall. To me, the projects are almost interchangeable.

Fall 2014
sunflowerouttakes falltree2 newfalltreefallleavesfinal

Fall 2015
boywithleaves1 watercolorinkleaves finalchangefinalrainbowfeather

But I don’t feel stagnant. I still think I’m growing and developing, and I’m happy to have found my style. Especially, after years of wondering how to find your style!

16 thoughts on “Comparing last Fall’s work to this Fall

  1. This is very interesting to me, thank you for this post! I really like the combination of watercolor and ink.
    Also, may I ask what kind of tape (the blue one) you are using and where you get it from? I have been having trouble with masking tape damaging my paper.

  2. I loved those sunflowers last year! They made me smile to see them again. I get such a colorful hue of fall from all your work here.

  3. This is really interesting! And a really good tool for you….I have always loved your style, and what is interesting is that you have a style that can be many styles too….I think we are always learning new things about or art, our likes and what we naturally gravitate towards in our own unique style….great post!!! Love it!

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