Watercolor for Beginners

Results of my “Assembly Line Painting” experiment. {Please vote for your favorite!}


I finished the four paintings that I working on in “assembly line” fashion. Click here to read more about how I approached working on these paintings.

Results: The results of the experiment are best described by this analogy: It’s like raising kids. You raise them in the same way – same environment, same food, activities, etc. but they all require different special attention and they all turn out different. And with each kid, you are a bit wiser (and more tired) so you do things differently each time – but maybe not better.

This is the inspiration painting:

The four painting above are numbered. Some of them were “worked” on more. For # 1-3 I used white gouache. As I worked I wasn’t sure what methods would be most successful – more details? more shadows? more white? more variation in color?

I’d love to hear what you have to say! Leave a comment and answer my poll below.



Conclusion: (Don’t all experiments have a conclusion?) Working this way, really allowed me to explore this type of painting and subject matter in more and more depth. If I had only painted one beach landscape, I wouldn’t have had the chance to try different techniques.

TRY IT! and let me know your results (and thoughts). Link to this post or if you’re on Instagram use #assemblylinepainting. Can’t wait to see! 🙂

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

Watercolor Artist. Receive "Watercolor Basics" pdf download at visit: https://mycreativeresolution.com/newsletter/ and start learning watercolor today!

15 thoughts on “Results of my “Assembly Line Painting” experiment. {Please vote for your favorite!}

  1. 4 for me please! Nice experiment. 🙂

  2. I can’t choose! I think the two on the left? Not sure which numbers they are. Nice work!!

  3. …I’m with Rebecca–#4 for me, too!

  4. I feel like I’ve been away from wordpress for a while so good to see a blog post by you that I was following in a follow-up! My vote is … #1. : )

  5. Good morning Eileen, thanks for posting your painting experiment. A very good way to practice. Nicely done! Happy day ahead.

  6. I think experiments are ongoing, by their very nature, and human’s need to continually ‘improve’ and try something different. I think that’s why artists often re-work a subject a number of times at different periods/emotional states. I voted for the original inspiration painting as I like its summery softness, lightwise.

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