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Goodbye Summer…Hello Fall!


I’d love to squeeze in one more beach day, but other than that I’m ready for the hot and humid weather to end. I’m looking forward to those crisp Fall days, with blue skies and beautiful foliage all around. I’m excited about new seasonal things to inspire me – leaves, acorns, pumpkins. I’ve already started doodling and collecting them. Maybe it’s too soon, but it’s nice to have new “material” to work from! Are you ready for Fall?

Author: Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution}

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12 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer…Hello Fall!

  1. You and me both Eileen. Bring on Fall! Love your acorn sketches.

  2. I’m ready – at least telling myself that – going to love it this year – YEP! 🙂

  3. Beautiful doodles, Eileen! Fall is at the door step and I am so ready for it! 🙂 🍁🍃🍂🍄🌰

  4. I love the fall colors but not the cold weather. Like how you drew an acorn for the middle of the “a” in your word, autumn! Very fun! 🍁🌿🍂

  5. CANT WAIT for fall, bring it on! 😀

  6. Come to Sweden….Fall is in full swing….I am just afraid of what Fall leads in….

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