Painting Fall

Fun step by step watercolor painting project for fall

Since the start of my blog “My Creative Resolution” and my regular creative practice, I’ve been hugely inspired by the seasons. Creativity literally opened my eyes to the changing landscape. That first fall, I was in awe of the fall foliage. It was like I’d never seen it before! 

With fall in mind, I just developed a new step by step painting project – Watercolor Fall Farm. Watercolor colors blend and bleed into one another making it the perfect medium to capture the changing leaves.

This fun project includes:

  • masking with tape
  • painting fades
  • creating clouds simply
  • wet on wet painting
  • dry on dry
  • mixing all your colors from just three!

Add in pumpkins, a barn, a farmhouse, and oh my!
Download the tutorial pdf in my Etsy shop and start painting fall!

paint fall in Watercolor Tutorial downloadable pdf paint fall in Watercolor Tutorial downloadable pdf

Want a comprehensive guide to getting started in watercolor? Check out “Beginner Watercolor Exploration.” Learn the fundamentals. Practice with exercises and projects. Discover a love of watercolor!

Start your watercolor journey today! Learn more here.

Beginner Watercolor Exploration Guide pdf download | how to guide beginner watercolor

Fall Painting Idea Watercolor Fall Farm with Pumpkins Tutorial

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